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Questions from AVN about VR Porn

How mature is the VR adult market right now?

The adult VR market is very, very green, largely because the entire VR space is even greener. Honestly, if you’re someone with a $.99 pair of Google Cardboard, you are an Early Adopter. Early majority? That on-ramp is miles down the road.

Anissa Kate Wearing Gear VR Headset

Is it ripe to be pursued vigorously by affiliates and content producers or are some other things needed before real growth will be possible?

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Virtual Reality in the Courtroom

Interesting post in Business Insider today. Immersive, virtual reality experiences in the courtroom.  Definitely a great, effective way to present a crime scene. Maybe too effective. There’s no doubt this would, as writer Dana Varinsky points out, work in favor of the wealthier party in the lawsuit.

Romi Rain in sequin dress wearing Gear VR headset with mouth agog
Virtual Reality in the Courtroom?

Beyond that though, I wonder if VR, because of it’s early stage of development, might not make litigators fearful. I think about the painstaking care we take in order to deliver an exceedingly innocuous demo at a trade show. The pressure to get it right in the courtroom, with so much at stake, that takes things to a whole other level.

And then there are elements that are impossible to plan for. Are all of the headsets working properly? Are any of the jurors naturally susceptible to VR sickness. Will the HMDs fog up while they’re watching.

Were I a litigator, no matter the temptation, I’d be hesitant to introduce anything VR-related right now.

Kiiroo Interviews VR Porn Exec Todd Glider

Our friends at Kiiroo were kind enough to publish this interview with Todd Glider about VR Porn on November 9th, 2016.

The unedited transcript is posted here in VRBlunt.com.  They asked about Todd Glider’s background, and career in the porn industry, as well as the history of the BaDoink brand, as well as the history of new product BaDoinkVR.

August Ames on set of Virtual Sexology production gripping Kiiroo's Onyx sex toy
On set of Virtual Sexology shoot, Ames comes to grips with Onyx device

Kiiroo’s Onyx, for those who don’t know, provides a haptic component to the VR porn experience. This is awfully important since the key to virtual reality is immersion, or presence, or telepresence, and one can’t say they’ve achieved any of these three things when only two of one’s five senses are experiencing a virtual reality.

CNBC Says Gaming Entering New Golden Age thanks to VR

Woke up to this article today, penned by Arjun Kharpal. The gist of it: thanks to VR and AI, and they level of interactivity and immersion they afford, we’re entering into a new golden age for gaming. I whole-heartedly agree, and, equally, agree that it we’re still a couple of years away from that becoming a reality. Otto Berkes, sourced in the article,  suggests we’ve gotten there on the audio/video side, but for real interactivity–necessary, and infinitely exciting–we must look to the future.

Britney Amber wearing a red skirt and low cut top while sporting Samsung Gear VR
VR Porn: The torchbearer for VR innovation

As I’ve said multiple times, where VR porn is leading in VR now, we’ll ultimately be surpassed by gaming. And as much as I like leading, it would do the tech a disservice if we remained the torchbearer for too long. It would be ‘porn-stamped’.

I digress, but this talk of gaming’s golden ages brings me back to my youth, and the elation I felt walking into the game room. Generally speaking, this was in Manchester or Vernon, CT, near the town I grew up.

My games of choice: Donkey Kong, Hogan’s Alley, Punch Out, Q-Bert, Gyruss, Karate Champ. I overachieved in Q-Bert, and remember that games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Defender, Robotron, were beyond my scope. I could never last more than a few minutes in any of those games.

At home, we got some manufacturer’s version of Pong, which was great, but we got it around the time that others were unwrapping gifts of Atari 2600 and Intellivision. I did live happily ever after a couple of years later, receiving a ColecoVision for Chanukah. If I recall, it came with Smurf, and I purchased Donkey Kong soon afterward with allowance money.

ColecoVision was the source of great joy–too much, reckon, should have gone outside more often–and that only began to wane after purchasing the steering wheel accessory (i.e. expansion module #2) for driving game Turbo. I remember riding my bicycle hurriedly back from Video Galaxy, its box tucked into my backpack, filled with happiness and excitement. Yet, for some reason, when I arrived home, and began using it, I found the experience uninspiring. And it wasn’t that the steering wheel did not deliver on its promise. It worked as advertised. Perhaps, this was the first indication that I would never have a real passion for driving. Who knows. But I was not engaged, and less engaged by ColecoVision more generally from that point on.  The video game joy would not return until my acquisition of a Commodore 64 a few years later.

VR Porn Transcript from Kiiroo Interview

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got into the industry?

I hail from the United States, and got my start in this industry in 1998. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and was initially hired by one of the first adult (i.e. porn)Internet companies in the world to write erotic copy for their web properties. This was early on, so content was primarily photographic, and corresponding copy was a necessity. I eventually took the position of Creative Director, and the company itself was acquired by a publicly traded company in the US focused on TV and satellite distribution of adult content. 

Black & White photo of August Ames wearing Gear VR headset

Can you tell us something about Badoink?

BaDoink.com (we call it BaDoink VIP now) was launched more than 10 years ago as a subscription-based website. Its focus was more on the delivery of content than the production of content. The site had thousands of videos, of course, but all of our R&D was put into tech. We created the BaDoink Ultra App, a companion software for desktop that allowed subscribers to access all the content of the site via the app, avoiding the web entirely. And it had a number of features which were pretty cutting-edge at the time. For example, a DVD burner for creating compilations, a media encoder for converting files to different formats, a download manager, and even a DLNA media server, allowing one to stream any video to any network-aware device in the home. The site was successful, but its greatest success came later, when the smartphone market opened up. BaDoink was among the first sites in adult to be optimized for smartphone, and we optimized it well. The results were mammoth growth for the brand and the company.

Can you tell us something about Badoink VR?

BaDoinkVR is a subscription-based website offering exclusive virtual reality content. We produce all the content, as well as the player software needed to watch virtual reality content on smartphone or desktop. The site launched in July 2015, and has been growing quite impressively ever since. We were among the first virtual reality porn sites to go live, and the first to offer free Google Cardboard with every subscription. At minimum, we add 1 new video every week—often more. 

Are you satisfied with the state of the Sex-Tech industry as of 2016?

Well, to me, Sex-Tech IS the industry. Sex-Tech, it’s a more modern, more accurate name for the “Porn Industry.” If your trade is adult entertainment, technology is a huge part of your business (by that I mean software and web development, traffic optimization, design and UX). Any successful company, any new company making a go of it must see tech as key to their survival and longevity. Gone are the days when studios could just be studios—produce great content and tacitly rely upon third parties for distribution. And I would argue that, in the case of all successful companies in the space, the ‘tech’ comes before the ‘sex’ by a great margin. That was an awfully long preface to addressing your question. I am satisfied with the state of the industry. There are a number of reasons to be upbeat. The tech itself, be it virtual reality or teledildonics, is exciting. I can’t speak with much authority on the latter, but where virtual reality is concerned, Sex-Tech is leading much of the innovation. Sex-Tech is the only industry with a VR business model. Another reason to be optimistic: the media has really embraced Sex-Tech in a way that it never has in the past. It’s covered by mainstream presses in an unprecedented manner. This subject, previously taboo, is now part of the pop-cultural conversation. In addition, there’s the changes we’re seeing on the popular free porn sites. Those sites that forced the industry to rapidly grow up, or, taking a more pejorative tack, brought the industry to its knees, are doing a better job of working with studios than ever before. So, again, plenty of reason, to be optimistic.   

In your opinion, what kind of challenges does Sex-Tech face, inside and outside the industry?

The industry itself is made up of literally thousands of small companies around the world. Add to that the fact that so many of these companies are scratching and clawing to grow, to survive, it makes it difficult to build consensus, to bring everyone under one umbrella—for example, for the purpose of lobbying, and affecting legislative change. As well, as refreshing as it is that the mainstream media is fascinated by us, and talking about us, VCs and Silicon Valley tech companies continue being very hands off, pretending we don’t exist.   

VR Porn Interview Questions from Men’s Health

When did BaDoinkVR realise that there was a need to educate one on sex education in the bedroom? Why did BaDoinkVR decide to use virtual reality to help improve ones ability in the bedroom?

In a general sense, and speaking specifically to the US audience, where sex ed is non-existent, the realization was always there. Where it is taught in the schools, it’s not taught with much rigor. And at home, it’s one of the most uncomfortable subjects for parents to cover with their kids. Simultaneously, you realize—and there’s no shortage of punditry on the subject—that too many adults are getting their sexual ‘education’ by watching porn. That’s a problem, of course. Pornography is not educational, and pornographers are not educators. It is entertainment, and we are entertainers. That said, the idea of using VR to help adults improve their sex lives came to me well over a year ago. I was attending a VR/AR MeetUp here in Barcelona. Among the startups in attendance was a company offering an exposure therapy program for sufferers of acrophobia. You donned a pair of VR goggles and were instantly transported to a freight elevator, outside a skyscraper a mile high. The experience was convincingly real. So, that got me thinking about what we could do. There are no shortage of sexual hang-ups out there. We thought, with the right guidance—we hired a proper sex therapist to help with the script and direction—we could produce a program to help people become better, more attentive lovers.

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Virtual Sexology in El Pais (unedited)

How did the idea of Virtual Sexology come about?

I attended a VR MeetUp in Barcelona about a year ago. A startup was in attendance demonstrating its new solution, an exposure therapy program meant to help people overcome their fear of heights. As a result, I began thinking about VR’s applications for addressing other phobias, specifically sexual hangups.

Julia DeLucia on the terrace of high-rise wearing VR goggles
Virtual Sexology: Sex Positive and Life Changing

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Virtual Reality: What the Devil is It?!?

What is Virtual Reality?

Before we dive into an explanation of Virtual Reality Porn, let’s discuss the more general topic of Virtual Reality.

First, The Bad News: Virtual Reality is difficult to explain. It is simply hard to put into words. Think of your favorite food. For the sake of this discussion, let’s say it’s pizza. How would you describe pizza to someone who’s never had it before? Never tasted piping hot mozzarella sprawled across a layer of tangy tomato sauce baked into a bed of wood-fired dough. No matter how accurate the description, no matter how deliciously you explain it, conveying the taste of pizza, the joy of eating pizza is a challenge. To get the full effect, pizza must be experienced: it must be smelled, tasted, savored.

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Interview with Vangardist (unedited)

Published in Vangardist April 25, 2016

Why could VR revolutionize the porn industry?

VR will revolutionize the porn industry for a few reasons. First off, and most importantly, it is truly ‘next level’ where the consumer experience is concerned. The difference between 2D, or even 3D porn, and virtual reality porn is unambiguous. The experience is intense, and once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back.

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Interview with VR-Intelligence (unedited)

Published in VR-Intelligence

Todd Glider is the CEO of the CMP Group, an online venture founded in the US in 2005. One of their most successful brands is BaDoinkVR, is a pioneer in the virtual reality space.

How did you get involved with VR?

BaDoinkVR went live in July 2015. The impetus to our drive toward VR adoption was experiencing Google Cardboard. At the very beginning of 2015, we had some Cardboard headsets arrive in our office, and we were blown away by the experience VR afforded us.

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