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Android Authority Talks Cardboard Giveaway and VR Porn

In this article, Android Authority talks about our FreeVRGoggles.com promotion, where we gave away 10,000 pairs of Google Cardboard in order to 1. expose more people to the magic that is VR, and 2. call attention to our new VR porn site, BaDoinkVR.com. Author Edgar Cervantes also acknowledges porn’s pivotal role in tech.


BaDoinkVR’s Cardboard Giveaway in Re/Code

Published in Re/Code July 19, 2015 , and authored by Carmel Deamics, this article reveals BaDoinkVR’s giveaway of thousands of pairs of Google Cardboard, an announcement made in tandem with the launch of VR porn site BaDoinkVR.com. Todd Glider gets a quote in this article as well. Being in Re/Code is quite a thrill!

Are you ready for VR Porn?
Are you ready for VR Porn?


VentureBeat Exposes Availability of Free VR Goggles

Published in VentureBeat July 18, 2015 , Ruth Reader encourages VentureBeat readers to go to FreeVRGoggles.com to get Google Cardboard for free from VR Porn site BaDoinkVR.com. 100% Free goggles with no strings attached whatsoever, courtesy of BaDoinkVR.

Free Goggles from BaDoinkVR's Free VR Goggles Giveaway
Free Goggles from BaDoinkVR’s Free VR Goggles Giveaway