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Questions from AVN about VR Porn

How mature is the VR adult market right now?

The adult VR market is very, very green, largely because the entire VR space is even greener. Honestly, if you’re someone with a $.99 pair of Google Cardboard, you are an Early Adopter. Early majority? That on-ramp is miles down the road.

Anissa Kate Wearing Gear VR Headset

Is it ripe to be pursued vigorously by affiliates and content producers or are some other things needed before real growth will be possible?

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VR Porn Transcript from Kiiroo Interview

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got into the industry?

I hail from the United States, and got my start in this industry in 1998. I was living in Los Angeles at the time, and was initially hired by one of the first adult (i.e. porn)Internet companies in the world to write erotic copy for their web properties. This was early on, so content was primarily photographic, and corresponding copy was a necessity. I eventually took the position of Creative Director, and the company itself was acquired by a publicly traded company in the US focused on TV and satellite distribution of adult content. 

Black & White photo of August Ames wearing Gear VR headset

Can you tell us something about Badoink?

BaDoink.com (we call it BaDoink VIP now) was launched more than 10 years ago as a subscription-based website. Its focus was more on the delivery of content than the production of content. The site had thousands of videos, of course, but all of our R&D was put into tech. We created the BaDoink Ultra App, a companion software for desktop that allowed subscribers to access all the content of the site via the app, avoiding the web entirely. And it had a number of features which were pretty cutting-edge at the time. For example, a DVD burner for creating compilations, a media encoder for converting files to different formats, a download manager, and even a DLNA media server, allowing one to stream any video to any network-aware device in the home. The site was successful, but its greatest success came later, when the smartphone market opened up. BaDoink was among the first sites in adult to be optimized for smartphone, and we optimized it well. The results were mammoth growth for the brand and the company.

Can you tell us something about Badoink VR?

BaDoinkVR is a subscription-based website offering exclusive virtual reality content. We produce all the content, as well as the player software needed to watch virtual reality content on smartphone or desktop. The site launched in July 2015, and has been growing quite impressively ever since. We were among the first virtual reality porn sites to go live, and the first to offer free Google Cardboard with every subscription. At minimum, we add 1 new video every week—often more. 

Are you satisfied with the state of the Sex-Tech industry as of 2016?

Well, to me, Sex-Tech IS the industry. Sex-Tech, it’s a more modern, more accurate name for the “Porn Industry.” If your trade is adult entertainment, technology is a huge part of your business (by that I mean software and web development, traffic optimization, design and UX). Any successful company, any new company making a go of it must see tech as key to their survival and longevity. Gone are the days when studios could just be studios—produce great content and tacitly rely upon third parties for distribution. And I would argue that, in the case of all successful companies in the space, the ‘tech’ comes before the ‘sex’ by a great margin. That was an awfully long preface to addressing your question. I am satisfied with the state of the industry. There are a number of reasons to be upbeat. The tech itself, be it virtual reality or teledildonics, is exciting. I can’t speak with much authority on the latter, but where virtual reality is concerned, Sex-Tech is leading much of the innovation. Sex-Tech is the only industry with a VR business model. Another reason to be optimistic: the media has really embraced Sex-Tech in a way that it never has in the past. It’s covered by mainstream presses in an unprecedented manner. This subject, previously taboo, is now part of the pop-cultural conversation. In addition, there’s the changes we’re seeing on the popular free porn sites. Those sites that forced the industry to rapidly grow up, or, taking a more pejorative tack, brought the industry to its knees, are doing a better job of working with studios than ever before. So, again, plenty of reason, to be optimistic.   

In your opinion, what kind of challenges does Sex-Tech face, inside and outside the industry?

The industry itself is made up of literally thousands of small companies around the world. Add to that the fact that so many of these companies are scratching and clawing to grow, to survive, it makes it difficult to build consensus, to bring everyone under one umbrella—for example, for the purpose of lobbying, and affecting legislative change. As well, as refreshing as it is that the mainstream media is fascinated by us, and talking about us, VCs and Silicon Valley tech companies continue being very hands off, pretending we don’t exist.   

Virtual Sexology in French Tech Journal

French tech journal Fred Zone devoted a post to Virtual Sexology, courtesy of writer Frédéric Pereira. The article kicks off with a mention of BaDoink, the 2D porn site that preceded the launch of BaDoinkVR–and still exists of course. They explain what Virtual Sexology is, and even provide a price list: 1-day for $1; $24.95 for 1 month; $71.40 for 1 year.

Porn star Jaclyn before a VR porn shoot, wearing BaDoinkVR shirt outdoors and modeling with a pair of Google Cardboard

Pereira also acknowledged PornHub’s entry into VR porn, and that BaDoinkVR was responsible for powering the tech behind that launch in March 2016.

He references a technique that is demonstrated in the virtual sexology program, as well. One that eases anxiety and delays orgasm.

The post also cites Kiiroo’s involvement in the project, and how an entire segment of the Virtual Sexology program was devoted to using the Kiiroo Onyx.

Thanks for the coverage, Fred Zone!

Cult of Mac VR Porn Article

This article by Evan Killham was Published in Cult of Mac January 20, 2016 . Killham writes about VR Porn, BaDoinkVR, and how the latter will work with Kiiroo’s Onyx. He also admits to being amused by name, which, in context, makes sense. In truth, I really never thought about how my name is such an appropriate porn name, but more recently, I’ve learned the truth. The article also includes a link to a YouTube video developed by Kiiroo, and showcasing how their products Onyx and Pearl work.

Kiiroo's Onyx brings haptic feedback to VR Porn
Kiiroo’s Onyx brings haptic feedback to VR Porn

BaDoinkVR Partners with Kiiroo

This is a humorous video created by BaDoinkVR and Kiiroo. The theme: the evolution of masturbation. It starts with magazines and photos, transitions to VHS tapes, and moves on to DVDs.  From there, it’s the web (with a screencap of VR porn site BaDoinkVR), and then onto Kiiroo’s Onyx, used in conjunction with a Gear VR headset to watch BaDoinkVR content. The one constant: a box of Kleenex.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Virtual Reality Porn

  1. VR porn requires a headset. This applies to all virtual reality media; you need a virtual reality headset to experience virtual reality immersion. There are two types of virtual reality headsets for watching VR porn.
    1. Smartphone-Driven: Smartphone-driven headsets rely on your smartphone’s display and processor. Your phone snaps or drops into the headset, and via a pair of duo-convex lenses in the headset, you are able to enjoy a very satisfying, immersive VR porn experience.
    2. Proprietary Display: Virtual reality headsets dispense with the smartphone. They contain a dedicated display and processor, and connect directly to your desktop computer. As a general rule, these are more expensive than smartphone-driven headsets, largely because when you buy one, you’re also paying for the most expensive component, which is the display screen and processor.
  1. Virtual Reality Porn is shot differently from normal porn. Different cameras are used. The lighting is different. And your favorite porn stars must perform differently. For example, in a normal porn movie, there are numerous takes. The directors shoot, cut, then shoot from a different angle. This occurs several times over the course of a non VR porn shoot. With VR porn, it’s more or less all done in one take, so the performers must rehearse the scene in advance of recording.

In fact you can watch porn stars Christie Stevens and Isiah Maxwell explain a bit about the process in this Behind-The-Scenes YouTube video that provides a documentary look at the process of creating a VR porn video.

  1. Virtual Reality Porn is the future of porn. Normal porn videos are great. There’s no denying that. VR porn, however, takes it to a whole other level. When done properly (BaDoinkVR.com is a good example), VR porn makes you feel like you’re in the scene. You aren’t observing. You’re part of it. In this YouTube video, you can watch young couples in San Francisco watch VR Porn for the first time. It’s funny, and gives one an accurate representation of how amazing it is.

Here’s a brief glimpse of the fun you can have with BaDoinkVR and VR porn.

  1. Virtual Reality Porn is not free. Thanks to the Internet, we’ve all gotten used to free music, free porn, free movies, free everything. VR Porn, because it is so new, so scarce, and such a high-quality form of entertainment, is not available on tube sites like PornHub.com or TnAFlix.com. It is, however, affordable. Sites like BaDoinkVR.com offer dozens of exclusive virtual reality porn videos. Most are 15 to 20 minutes in length, and new videos are added to the site every week.
  1. There are 360° VR porn videos and 180° VR porn videos. A 360° Virtual Reality porn movie is going to have multiple sex scenes occurring simultaneously. It’s sex in the round, even behind you. 180° porn offers half the viewing area. Turn your head and look left. Turn your head and look right. However, since the video is 180°, there’s nothing going on behind you. Of course, many will say that for VR porn, all you need is 180°, and there is some truth to that statement. The simple fact is that most of us watch porn lying down, and if you’re watching porn lying down, it doesn’t really matter what’s happening behind you.
  2. Virtual Reality Porn must be experienced. This poses a real problem for marketers and advertisers, because it is impossible to describe virtual reality porn accurately without experiencing it. You can say, “It puts you in the scene.” You can say, “This is as close as you can get to fucking your favorite porn star.” But those are just words, and words are not enough to convey just how unique, different and hot VR porn is. The CEO of BaDoinkVR explains it in this article in The Hustle: http://thehustle.co/virtual-reality-is-the-new-billion-dollar-frontier-of-pornIf cheeseburgers were your favorite food, how would you explain them to someone who has never had a cheeseburger? Somebody who’s never experienced that combination of meat, cheese and bread? Somebody who’s never even tasted meat or cheese or bread?
  1. VR Porn is more than just video. Sex toy makers are stepping up to the virtual reality porn table. Called teledildonics, these products provide a haptic response to the experience of watching virtual reality porn. If you’ve used a console gaming system in the last 10 years, you’re familiar with the concept of haptic response. It’s that shaking of the controller you feel when the car you’re driving rubs up against a wall, or when your character begins taking damage. With teledildonics, it’s a different kind of rubbing, but conceptually the same. Companies like Kiiroo create devices that enclose and attach to your genitals, and integrate with VR porn videos produced by companies like BaDoinkVR. Kiiroo’s Onyx (for men) and Pearl (for women) can be seen here (link to kiiroo).
  2. You don’t need to be a tech geek to enjoy VR porn. There is no denying that the technology behind VR is complex and deep. If you’ve read anything about the new format, it’s easy to be intimidated. Buzzwords like parallax, interpupillary distance, magnetometer are bandied about, and that’s just scraping the surface. Fortunately, you don’t need to know what any of that means to start watching VR porn movies. Here’s a video that shows you how simple the process is.
  3. It’s only the beginning. The future is unwritten, and virtual reality is an entirely new entertainment platform. In the months and years ahead enormous advances will be made. You’ll be able to don a headset and walk across a virtual room. Displays will go from 4k to 16k, where 16k matches the resolution of human site. You’ll see headsets replaced by glasses, and then replaced again by contact lenses. As for where VR porn will go, the same goes. The frontier is vast and evocative, filled with possibility, driven by creativity and limited only by our capacity to dream and imagine.