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China.com Looks at VR Porn

This article was published in China.com. VR porn site BaDoinkVR.com is mentioned and I’m quoted. What it says, I think, is that VR porn is the foreplay leading to AR.

Katie Morgan, wearing a pair of Gear VR goggles, gives the thumbs up to VR porn.
VR Porn will beget AR Porn

While I agree that AR will inevitably blow the roof off everything,  I don’t know that it will relegate VR porn to the position of also-ran. Does the average stroker want the experience of a favorite porn star appearing in his or her flat? Yes. Does that mean that that same person will prefer that over the experience of appearing with a favorite porn star by the lake, or in a Hollywood Hills mansion, or hell, on Mars? No.

And who knows. Maybe I’m wrong. The bottom line is it’s still so early. If VR’s in an embryonic state, AR is zygotic.

Geekwire Q&A About Virtual Reality Porn (unedited)

Could you briefly summarize the current state of porn in VR?

Virtual reality porn, at its best, illustrates the potential and promise of virtual reality better than any other medium. If you compare a good virtual reality porn video to any 2D porn video, the difference is so stark, so immediate, so undeniable, so visceral you can’t help but surrender to the possibility that this new tech is the next big mass communication medium. “VR is interesting, but everything seems like a demo.” One hears that sentiment a lot, and it’s not off the mark. Most VR programs hitting the market today are simply demos. With porn, that is not the case. VR porn videos are complete, entertainment products—with beginnings, middles, and ends. They don’t exist to demonstrate how interesting the tech is, they exist to entertain a mass audience through use of the tech.

Google Cardboard on Katie Morgan
Katie Morgan loves BaDoinkVR

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Daydream District Q&A about BaDoinkVR and VR Porn

Thanks for the great coverage, guys

1.) Please tell us a bit more about Badoink VR. Since when does the VR department exist? What were the first VR headsets you supported? What do you support now?

BaDoinkVR was launched in July 2015. We decided to throw our collective hats in the ring towards the end of 2014, when we first got our hands on Google Cardboard. Once we dropped in a smartphone, and looked through those duo-convex lenses, and saw 3D stereoscopic video for the first time, we were blown away. We thought, “This might be the next big thing.” So that was the moment. Shortly thereafter, the R&D kicked off. On the content side, we began learning how to shoot. On the development side, we began developing the VR players needed to watch virtual reality content on any device. At launch, BaDoinkVR.com, by virtue of our native mobile player and desktop player, was able to support all available devices, so that included Gear VR and all smartphone-driven headsets, Oculus Rift and, when it launched, HTC Vive. We’ll be ready to support PlayStation VR and the Google Daydream platform when the time comes as well.

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Virtual Reality Porn QA for Stony Brook Independent

As a company, what made you decide that Virtual Reality would be the next step for Adult Entertainment? When was this decision to incorporate VR made? Was it something that came about when VR headsets first started becoming public, with the oculus rift and the HTC vive, or was it before that?

We’re a technology company first, so whenever new tech gear hits the market, we buy it. Parenthetically, if you need a pair of Google Glass we’ve a half-dozen collecting dust somewhere. So, we naturally ordered a couple of pairs of Google Cardboard. When we dropped a smartphone inside, and peered through those duo-convex lenses, we were amazed. This was 2014, and what we saw was by no means perfect—heck, 2 years later, with all the hype, VR is still, broadly, very much in a 1.0 phase no matter the device—but the signal was there. So we thought, this could be the biggest revolution in mass-communication in a quarter-century. Not this year. Not next year. Not even this decade. But it could very well be What’s Next. So we resolved to start working toward launching a Virtual Reality porn site. That was the moment. It was all because of the Cardboard. We spent the first half of 2015 on R&D, learning how to produce the content, developing the necessary player software in order that all users—whether on Smartphone or desktop—would be supported, and we launched in July, 2015.

Tori Black in pink nightie posing for BaDoinkVR movie

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Future of VR Porn QA with an affiliate webmaster

Congratulations on winning the 2016 XBIZ Award for the best adult virtual reality site, especially since it’s the first time this has been a category. Why do you think your site beat out the competition?

BaDoinkVR is the brand of record, and has been for more than a year. Where the mainstream media is concerned, we do a great job representing the industry. We’ve been covered by everyone from Rolling Stone to Forbes. So that’s key. From my perspective, we shoot the most immersive VR content. There’s also the technology aspect. In addition to producing the content, we created the player software needed for viewing VR content: a native app in iTunes App Store and Google Play, a browser-based app for streaming on Android and iOS, and a desktop app compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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VR Porn Article in Business Next China

Published today

This is my quote: 必增加。另外,第一大VR成人網站BaDoink執行長格萊德(Todd Glider)也曾分享拍片的難題,「降低暈眩感是第一個大挑戰,當開始拍攝VR影片時,必須處理很多問題,包括雙眼瞳孔和視覺中心的距離、鏡頭的移動。」用戶看片時感覺很自然,但背後其實是需要多種專業一同精心設計的產品。

This articles discusses porn’s role in shaping technology, how popular a search term and entertainment option porn is, before segueing into VR porn. It posits that perhaps VR porn will save the porn industry, but that there is no guarantee. The cost of producing a VR porn video is twice the cost of a non-VR porn video. And the market for VR is still tiny compared to the market for non-VR porn. While the market will continue to grow, it is going to take quite some time for VR gear to be as pervasive as smartphone or tablets or desktops.

VR porn saves the AV industry

Engadget Article Touches on VR Porn

Released today, Engadget on the bandwagon. Porn’s role is crucial to the successful rollout and mass-consumer uptake of virtual reality. Fond of Opace Rob’s quote. Hand-holding, when it comes to quantum leaps forward, is a necessity. The Henry Ford quote is mighty appropriate.  As far as the speed at which the tech will evolve, in spite of my hedging in public spaces, I agree that it will move faster than anyone expects. Foveated rendering is coming. This will make VR uptake increase dramatically, and will positively impact the market for VR porn. It will also, simultaneously, serve as death knell for porn as torchbearer. Increased market size begets greater gaming investment in VR game development. And when that happens, gaming will take up the torch.

Staring into the future of VR Porn
Staring into the future of VR Porn

Why is VR Porn the Killer VR App?

Typically, when I’m offered the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion, or give a speech, I’m eager to point out why porn is the torchbearer for virtual reality. These are those reasons.

1. Barrier to Entry: Barrier to to entry for adult entertainment in the VR space is comparatively low—even though the cost of producing a VR porn video is indeed double that of a non-VR porn video. Tech analysts bemoan the fact that VR companies are asking an awful lot of the consumer: pay an exorbitant amount for a nascent technology, where content for said technology is anemic, and amounts to little more than novel demos. In porn, we are not offering demos; we are offering complete scenes with a complete narrative structure—simple though it is—which includes a beginning, middle and end. 

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VR Porn Interview Questions from Men’s Health

When did BaDoinkVR realise that there was a need to educate one on sex education in the bedroom? Why did BaDoinkVR decide to use virtual reality to help improve ones ability in the bedroom?

In a general sense, and speaking specifically to the US audience, where sex ed is non-existent, the realization was always there. Where it is taught in the schools, it’s not taught with much rigor. And at home, it’s one of the most uncomfortable subjects for parents to cover with their kids. Simultaneously, you realize—and there’s no shortage of punditry on the subject—that too many adults are getting their sexual ‘education’ by watching porn. That’s a problem, of course. Pornography is not educational, and pornographers are not educators. It is entertainment, and we are entertainers. That said, the idea of using VR to help adults improve their sex lives came to me well over a year ago. I was attending a VR/AR MeetUp here in Barcelona. Among the startups in attendance was a company offering an exposure therapy program for sufferers of acrophobia. You donned a pair of VR goggles and were instantly transported to a freight elevator, outside a skyscraper a mile high. The experience was convincingly real. So, that got me thinking about what we could do. There are no shortage of sexual hang-ups out there. We thought, with the right guidance—we hired a proper sex therapist to help with the script and direction—we could produce a program to help people become better, more attentive lovers.

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