Logan Legend of VRCosplayMate.comIt’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. That was more or less by design. I tendered my resignation at CM Productions, LLC. My last day as CEO was December 31st, 2016. There were numerous factors that went into the decision. Much of it had to do with age, and my desire to consider pivoting to something new. I’m in my mid 40s. Pivoting after 50. One could break a hip. I’ve spent the last few months resting, making a concerted effort to learn Spanish, seeing a lot of the Barcelona I’ve simply  been passing by since moving here six years ago.

On the VR front, I’ve been relatively quiet, although I’ve been helping out a young woman based in Los Angeles who calls herself Logan Legend in an advisory capacity. She was in Berlin for one of my last panels as CEO, and she  explained that she was really enjoying our new site, VRCosplayX.com, which, if you read this post here, or have visited the site, you already know something about.

Ms. Legend told me she was keen to create a blog focused on VR Cosplay Porn, a very unique blog, where she reviews the individual VRCosplayX.com movies and tries to bring a level of creativity to affiliate promotion, producing a lot of multimedia content that could be shared, consumed, and would hopefully, ultimately, generate revenue for her.

That’s her self-portrait right there…how she’d like to look anyway. Her avatar, as the kids say. And the name of the blog is VRCosplayMate.com, as touched on in my last post in January.

Since this aligned nicely with a VR Cosplay Porn promotional concept I’d had rolling around in my head for some time, I agreed to help her, with advice, leads, connections. It’s a pet project. And I am enjoying it. And, since this is more of a VR porn blog than anything else, from here on in, for the time being anyway, I’ll be posting about my experiences mentoring an up-and-coming porn blogger.