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Questions from AVN about VR Porn

How mature is the VR adult market right now?

The adult VR market is very, very green, largely because the entire VR space is even greener. Honestly, if you’re someone with a $.99 pair of Google Cardboard, you are an Early Adopter. Early majority? That on-ramp is miles down the road.

Anissa Kate Wearing Gear VR Headset

Is it ripe to be pursued vigorously by affiliates and content producers or are some other things needed before real growth will be possible?

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Virtual Reality in the Courtroom

Interesting post in Business Insider today. Immersive, virtual reality experiences in the courtroom.  Definitely a great, effective way to present a crime scene. Maybe too effective. There’s no doubt this would, as writer Dana Varinsky points out, work in favor of the wealthier party in the lawsuit.

Romi Rain in sequin dress wearing Gear VR headset with mouth agog
Virtual Reality in the Courtroom?

Beyond that though, I wonder if VR, because of it’s early stage of development, might not make litigators fearful. I think about the painstaking care we take in order to deliver an exceedingly innocuous demo at a trade show. The pressure to get it right in the courtroom, with so much at stake, that takes things to a whole other level.

And then there are elements that are impossible to plan for. Are all of the headsets working properly? Are any of the jurors naturally susceptible to VR sickness. Will the HMDs fog up while they’re watching.

Were I a litigator, no matter the temptation, I’d be hesitant to introduce anything VR-related right now.

Kiiroo Interviews VR Porn Exec Todd Glider

Our friends at Kiiroo were kind enough to publish this interview with Todd Glider about VR Porn on November 9th, 2016.

The unedited transcript is posted here in VRBlunt.com.  They asked about Todd Glider’s background, and career in the porn industry, as well as the history of the BaDoink brand, as well as the history of new product BaDoinkVR.

August Ames on set of Virtual Sexology production gripping Kiiroo's Onyx sex toy
On set of Virtual Sexology shoot, Ames comes to grips with Onyx device

Kiiroo’s Onyx, for those who don’t know, provides a haptic component to the VR porn experience. This is awfully important since the key to virtual reality is immersion, or presence, or telepresence, and one can’t say they’ve achieved any of these three things when only two of one’s five senses are experiencing a virtual reality.

Tech Advisor’s Complete Guide to VR

This article by Lewis Painter gives readers a primer on virtual reality. It includes a section on smartphone-driven VR, desktop-driven VR, VR games, VR apps, and, of course, VR porn, where BaDoinkVR is mentioned alongside PornHub, with whom we collaborated in March 2016.

The more articles like this written and posted, the better off everyone in the VR space is.

Pussy Cat wearing Google Cardboard on BaDoinkVR geisha VR porn set
BaDoinkVR guiding VR uptake

CNBC Says Gaming Entering New Golden Age thanks to VR

Woke up to this article today, penned by Arjun Kharpal. The gist of it: thanks to VR and AI, and they level of interactivity and immersion they afford, we’re entering into a new golden age for gaming. I whole-heartedly agree, and, equally, agree that it we’re still a couple of years away from that becoming a reality. Otto Berkes, sourced in the article,  suggests we’ve gotten there on the audio/video side, but for real interactivity–necessary, and infinitely exciting–we must look to the future.

Britney Amber wearing a red skirt and low cut top while sporting Samsung Gear VR
VR Porn: The torchbearer for VR innovation

As I’ve said multiple times, where VR porn is leading in VR now, we’ll ultimately be surpassed by gaming. And as much as I like leading, it would do the tech a disservice if we remained the torchbearer for too long. It would be ‘porn-stamped’.

I digress, but this talk of gaming’s golden ages brings me back to my youth, and the elation I felt walking into the game room. Generally speaking, this was in Manchester or Vernon, CT, near the town I grew up.

My games of choice: Donkey Kong, Hogan’s Alley, Punch Out, Q-Bert, Gyruss, Karate Champ. I overachieved in Q-Bert, and remember that games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Defender, Robotron, were beyond my scope. I could never last more than a few minutes in any of those games.

At home, we got some manufacturer’s version of Pong, which was great, but we got it around the time that others were unwrapping gifts of Atari 2600 and Intellivision. I did live happily ever after a couple of years later, receiving a ColecoVision for Chanukah. If I recall, it came with Smurf, and I purchased Donkey Kong soon afterward with allowance money.

ColecoVision was the source of great joy–too much, reckon, should have gone outside more often–and that only began to wane after purchasing the steering wheel accessory (i.e. expansion module #2) for driving game Turbo. I remember riding my bicycle hurriedly back from Video Galaxy, its box tucked into my backpack, filled with happiness and excitement. Yet, for some reason, when I arrived home, and began using it, I found the experience uninspiring. And it wasn’t that the steering wheel did not deliver on its promise. It worked as advertised. Perhaps, this was the first indication that I would never have a real passion for driving. Who knows. But I was not engaged, and less engaged by ColecoVision more generally from that point on.  The video game joy would not return until my acquisition of a Commodore 64 a few years later.

New article on Virtual Sexology (The Saturday Paper)

An Australian paper discusses virtual sexology, and virtual reality pornography. I’m quoted throughout.

Porn star in bedroom standing beside four-post bed
Virtual Sexology: Getting down to business

I continue to be excited by how engaged the media is by the concept of sex therapy via virtual reality. Journalist Gillian Terzis penned this piece, and she does a great thing in that she describes herself, and in so doing, immerses the reader in the virtual sexology scene we created with sex therapist Hernando Chaves. As well, there were quotes from Ela Darling, a big name in VR porn.

Virtual Reality Porn QA for Stony Brook Independent

As a company, what made you decide that Virtual Reality would be the next step for Adult Entertainment? When was this decision to incorporate VR made? Was it something that came about when VR headsets first started becoming public, with the oculus rift and the HTC vive, or was it before that?

We’re a technology company first, so whenever new tech gear hits the market, we buy it. Parenthetically, if you need a pair of Google Glass we’ve a half-dozen collecting dust somewhere. So, we naturally ordered a couple of pairs of Google Cardboard. When we dropped a smartphone inside, and peered through those duo-convex lenses, we were amazed. This was 2014, and what we saw was by no means perfect—heck, 2 years later, with all the hype, VR is still, broadly, very much in a 1.0 phase no matter the device—but the signal was there. So we thought, this could be the biggest revolution in mass-communication in a quarter-century. Not this year. Not next year. Not even this decade. But it could very well be What’s Next. So we resolved to start working toward launching a Virtual Reality porn site. That was the moment. It was all because of the Cardboard. We spent the first half of 2015 on R&D, learning how to produce the content, developing the necessary player software in order that all users—whether on Smartphone or desktop—would be supported, and we launched in July, 2015.

Tori Black in pink nightie posing for BaDoinkVR movie

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Future of VR Porn QA with an affiliate webmaster

Congratulations on winning the 2016 XBIZ Award for the best adult virtual reality site, especially since it’s the first time this has been a category. Why do you think your site beat out the competition?

BaDoinkVR is the brand of record, and has been for more than a year. Where the mainstream media is concerned, we do a great job representing the industry. We’ve been covered by everyone from Rolling Stone to Forbes. So that’s key. From my perspective, we shoot the most immersive VR content. There’s also the technology aspect. In addition to producing the content, we created the player software needed for viewing VR content: a native app in iTunes App Store and Google Play, a browser-based app for streaming on Android and iOS, and a desktop app compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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El Pais VR pornography Article Goes Live

Here it is and here’s the link to the unedited interview that the writer drew from. The Virtual Sexology story continues to generate interest. It’s a product, I reckon, of two facts.

  1. It’s odd for a porn brand to offer a product aimed directly at helping people.
  2. There is a dearth of video content out there developed for the purpose of improving adults’ sex lives. Books, sure. And there are likely videos out there, but they don’t have the distribution channels that we do.

The lack of sex education in our world is an elephant in the room casting a shadow on our own species. This had doubtless been posited numerous times, but one has to ask how we would explain the human sex life to an alien species.