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Kiiroo Interviews VR Porn Exec Todd Glider

Our friends at Kiiroo were kind enough to publish this interview with Todd Glider about VR Porn on November 9th, 2016.

The unedited transcript is posted here in VRBlunt.com.  They asked about Todd Glider’s background, and career in the porn industry, as well as the history of the BaDoink brand, as well as the history of new product BaDoinkVR.

August Ames on set of Virtual Sexology production gripping Kiiroo's Onyx sex toy
On set of Virtual Sexology shoot, Ames comes to grips with Onyx device

Kiiroo’s Onyx, for those who don’t know, provides a haptic component to the VR porn experience. This is awfully important since the key to virtual reality is immersion, or presence, or telepresence, and one can’t say they’ve achieved any of these three things when only two of one’s five senses are experiencing a virtual reality.

EAN Talks VR Porn with BaDoinkVR

EAN logo

When compared with traditional forms of entertainment, how many users are currently already using VR gear to watch adult entertainment?

It’s impossible to provide accurate data. Anyone who says they have that data is being somewhat disingenuous. The market at this point is very, very small because the number of consumers in possession of a VR headset is infinitesimal, compared to smartphones, desktops and tablet computers. Broadly, it’s important to remember that, for all the fanfare, hype and truly inspiring VR programming available, VR as a tech is still incredibly embryonic. All of the excitement it garners is worthwhile and valid and appropriate, but what we’re most excited about, what’s worthy of all that excitement is the signals splintering off the tech. It’s not about what’s here now.

On a patio, Katie Morgan studies a pair of Google Cardboard
What the devil is VR porn?

How will this change in the near future? When do you expect that VR will reach user numbers close to what we see today with computers, TV or smartphones?

The release of PlayStation VR is worth celebrating. Google Daydream, even more so. The levee breaks once eye-tracking comes to town. That makes foveated rendering possible. And once video resolution can be managed in a manner that does not require everything in your field of view to be displayed at max resolution, the demands on processing power will drop enormously, and many more consumers will be in the position to afford higher-end devices. When will VR gear be as commonplace as computers, TVs or smartphones? I think we’re a decades out, honestly. Consider that we all know one or two people who live without TV, live without a smartphone. They’re curiosities. They’re noteworthy. We’re still at a point where it’s noteworthy if someone owns a VR device.

Let’s talk a bit about the hardware. The most widely used way right now for VR could be solutions similar to Google Cardboard, since these are the easiest, and by far cheapest solutions. Is the quality of such devices good enough for VR porn?

At BaDoinkVR, we were the first to give away Google Cardboard with every subscription to our VR porn site, but these are, to put it colloquially, gateway drugs. They don’t deserve a place on the shelf alongside your other gadgets. They’re here to give you a taste, and encourage you to purchase something better—like Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive. That’s what makes the release of Google Daydream so exciting. Most people are not going to jump from cardboard to Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. They’ll jump to a mid-range device. Up until recently, that meant Gear VR, and Gear VR,  good as it is, works with only a few Samsung phones. With Google Daydream, we see many, many more manufacturers agreeing to release phones supporting the platform. That gives the entire market a nice kick.

What art the minimum requirements a VR headset and the hardware should have to create an enjoyable experience for the user?

Any smartphone released in the last two or three years, with Google Cardboard, or cardboard equivalent, is sufficient to enjoy VR porn. However, the average consumer is not going to watch VR porn in lieu of non-VR porn until, at minimum, they’ve acquired a device that is mid-range or higher.

Other solutions from Oculus, Sony or HTC are far more pricy. Does the user see the difference? And will he be willing to pay the higher price to watch adult entertainment on these devices?

The experience on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is, hands-down, superior to the experience on Cardboard, or Gear VR, or any smartphone-driven solution. As far as willingness to pay a higher price, I believe that anyone considering the purchase of one of these high-end devices, when listing the pros and cons of purchasing, he or she definitely puts ‘VR porn’ in the plus column.

I doubt that those companies actively support porn on their devices, if they not even try to obstruct it all together. How easy or complicated is it to enjoy VR porn on Rift, Sony VR or the Vive?

Watching VR porn on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is as easy as watching VR porn on a smartphone, if not easier. In fact, BaDoinkVR even offers its own desktop player to subscribers. Watching VR Porn on PlayStation VR is also possible with BaDoinkVR, though, at this point, the process is a bit more convoluted.

Will the consumers readily pay for VR content?

They will and do. BaDoinkVR is already profitable, and consumers, at large, see VR content as something separate from ‘normal’ porn. At this point, scarcity certainly has a hand in that. But it’s also an acknowledgement of the quality. Video sharing sites, which are the reason that consumers haven’t expected to pay for porn for nearly a decade now, are lowest-common-denominator channels of distribution. They’re McDonalds and Taco Bell. VR porn, by comparison, is sitting down at the best steakhouse in town.

How will the market for VR porn develop within the next year?

It will continue to grow, the result of more devices hitting the marketplace, the result of more people experiencing virtual reality for the first time. Once you’ve tried it, VR porn leaves a lasting impression. The challenge for everyone in the VR space is convincing people to put those goggles on for the first time. Once he or she does, there’s no going back. They never look at porn the same way again.


VRodo (Germany): Porn is the Killer VR App!

Alright. Well, that’s what I said anyway. This is a solid article, written byTomislav Bezmalinovic, and it is gratifying to get a headline. if only I understood German, as Google Translate certainly does it a disservice.

There is much talk in it about  innovations like Google Daydream, an anecdote from me about my first experience with Google Cardboard, how that inspired the development of BaDoinkVR. Bezmalinovic reveals a bit of the process of producing VR content, the associated challenges for producers, shooters and performers.

August Ames holding Gear VR VR headset
Perfect Pair: Virtual Sexology & VR Porn

Bezmalinovic also writes about our Virtual Sexology product, and its goal to make men and women, better, more attentive lovers.


Virtual Reality Porn QA for Stony Brook Independent

As a company, what made you decide that Virtual Reality would be the next step for Adult Entertainment? When was this decision to incorporate VR made? Was it something that came about when VR headsets first started becoming public, with the oculus rift and the HTC vive, or was it before that?

We’re a technology company first, so whenever new tech gear hits the market, we buy it. Parenthetically, if you need a pair of Google Glass we’ve a half-dozen collecting dust somewhere. So, we naturally ordered a couple of pairs of Google Cardboard. When we dropped a smartphone inside, and peered through those duo-convex lenses, we were amazed. This was 2014, and what we saw was by no means perfect—heck, 2 years later, with all the hype, VR is still, broadly, very much in a 1.0 phase no matter the device—but the signal was there. So we thought, this could be the biggest revolution in mass-communication in a quarter-century. Not this year. Not next year. Not even this decade. But it could very well be What’s Next. So we resolved to start working toward launching a Virtual Reality porn site. That was the moment. It was all because of the Cardboard. We spent the first half of 2015 on R&D, learning how to produce the content, developing the necessary player software in order that all users—whether on Smartphone or desktop—would be supported, and we launched in July, 2015.

Tori Black in pink nightie posing for BaDoinkVR movie

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Future of VR Porn QA with an affiliate webmaster

Congratulations on winning the 2016 XBIZ Award for the best adult virtual reality site, especially since it’s the first time this has been a category. Why do you think your site beat out the competition?

BaDoinkVR is the brand of record, and has been for more than a year. Where the mainstream media is concerned, we do a great job representing the industry. We’ve been covered by everyone from Rolling Stone to Forbes. So that’s key. From my perspective, we shoot the most immersive VR content. There’s also the technology aspect. In addition to producing the content, we created the player software needed for viewing VR content: a native app in iTunes App Store and Google Play, a browser-based app for streaming on Android and iOS, and a desktop app compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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VR Porn Article in Business Next China

Published today

This is my quote: 必增加。另外,第一大VR成人網站BaDoink執行長格萊德(Todd Glider)也曾分享拍片的難題,「降低暈眩感是第一個大挑戰,當開始拍攝VR影片時,必須處理很多問題,包括雙眼瞳孔和視覺中心的距離、鏡頭的移動。」用戶看片時感覺很自然,但背後其實是需要多種專業一同精心設計的產品。

This articles discusses porn’s role in shaping technology, how popular a search term and entertainment option porn is, before segueing into VR porn. It posits that perhaps VR porn will save the porn industry, but that there is no guarantee. The cost of producing a VR porn video is twice the cost of a non-VR porn video. And the market for VR is still tiny compared to the market for non-VR porn. While the market will continue to grow, it is going to take quite some time for VR gear to be as pervasive as smartphone or tablets or desktops.

VR porn saves the AV industry

Is VR Porn the Future of Feminist Porn?

Leigh Cuen mentions BaDoinkVR in this article from Mic.com. They touch on the BaDoinkVR Virtual Sexology program. How do we define feminist porn? Is it simply porn that is targeting the female audience? While I consider myself a feminist, I wonder if there isn’t a better term for it.

Photo of seductive woman in lingerie

For good or ill–mostly ill I reckon–feminism, as a term, is seen pejoratively. I agree with nearly everything said in Cuen’s article, but the dearth of porn targeting women has everything to do with the realities of commerce–or, better, the perceived realities. At BaDoinkVR, when we create a VR Porn movie from a female POV, our member base, overwhelmingly male, expresses disappointment (and that’s putting it lightly). They’re popular with our few female members, and our male members who watch in tandem with their significant others. So from a practical standpoint, we’re hard-pressed to offer a female POV scene as a dedicated weekly release. We have to offer it in tandem with a second weekly VR Porn release, from the male POV. That naturally doubles costs, and while we’re lucky enough to be profitable at this point, the margin is not gargantuan. Still, I’m not saying it’s a waste of time. I believe that VR porn is ideal for female consumers, owing to its innate ability to immerse, generate a visceral response in viewers.


Why is VR Porn the Killer VR App?

Typically, when I’m offered the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion, or give a speech, I’m eager to point out why porn is the torchbearer for virtual reality. These are those reasons.

1. Barrier to Entry: Barrier to to entry for adult entertainment in the VR space is comparatively low—even though the cost of producing a VR porn video is indeed double that of a non-VR porn video. Tech analysts bemoan the fact that VR companies are asking an awful lot of the consumer: pay an exorbitant amount for a nascent technology, where content for said technology is anemic, and amounts to little more than novel demos. In porn, we are not offering demos; we are offering complete scenes with a complete narrative structure—simple though it is—which includes a beginning, middle and end. 

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VR Society Talks VR Porn with BaDoinkVR

This Q&A was posted by VR Society today.  In it, Todd Glider discusses the history of BaDoinkVR in the VR porn space, the importance of our feedback forum, which affords us direct engagement with the end-user, the events in which BaDoinkVR participated in 2016, the technological limitations of VR porn and virtual reality today, as well as the development of Virtual Sexology.

Adriadna Chechik wearing Google Cardboard for BaDoinkVR scene
Future of Sex is A-OK thanks to Virtual Sexology

PornQueen Interview About VR Porn

What is Badoink VR’s company vision? 

Our goal with BaDoinkVR has been the same since we first launched in July 2015: to be the premier VR porn brand, and to do so by leveraging our tech acumen—manifest in the native, mobile and desktop VR apps we’ve developed—and our production skills and experience.

We are informed that Badoink VR has added several new features that were requested by users, can you tell us about them? 

New features and refinements are constantly being introduced, thanks in large part to the ongoing dialog between us and the consumer. It’s a conversation that takes place inside the BaDoinkVR Feedback Forum. This engagement has inspired improvements in everything from frame rates to scaling and beyond. We see all of this feedback as crucial to the evolution, not only of BaDoinkVR, not only of VR porn, but of VR tech in its entirety.

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