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Trump Stars in Real Porn Movie

Well, when BaDoinkVR created the first virtual reality Trump sex tape, I’d no idea he’d starred in an actual porn movie. So in light of this news, I’m compelled to re-post the link to the Press Conference we shot. In this press conference, Trump announces that a sex tape has been leaked, but it’s of course…GREAT.

Costa Rica Star Talks About Trump VR Porn Parody

Jaime Lopez wrote this piece on the Donald Trump VR Porn parody for the Costa Rica Star. Lopez was nice enough to acknowledge the press release came from BaDoinkVR (BaDoinkVR is in PornHub’s shadow in most of these posts). He also touched on some of the humorous elements incorporated into the video, and embeds the 2D press conference video as well.

Edyn Blair stars as Sarah Palin in BaDoinkVR's VR porn Donald Trump sex tape parody
Edyn Blair as Alaskan Native Sarah Palin

Unilad Discusses Trump VR Porn Parody

Unilad headline reads: Here’s the Donald Trump Porn Parody That No One Asked For. Writer Jennifer Browne begins expressing misgivings about the notion of creating a Donald Trump porn parody, referencing Lisa Ann’s near-legendary performance as Sarah Palin in Who’s Nailin’ Paylin.

Edyn Blair and Subil Arch star as Sarah Palin and Melania Trump in BaDoinkVR sex tape parody

Browne acknowledged the acting achievements of the Donald Trump impersonator we hired to act in the 2D press conference, a conference in which the candidate reveals that a VR Porn tape starring wife Melania, Sarah Palin and himself has been leaked.

BaDoinkVR Trump Parody Makes Political Porn Parody List

UnicornBooty.com today ranked BaDoinkVR’s Donald Trump VR Sex Tape one of the top five political porn parodies. In fact, if you read the article, you’ll note that BaDoinkVR’s VR porn parody was impetus to to their diving this list.

The Trump VR Porn Tape Parody
Trump gets a taste of VR Porn

As with much of the coverage, Pornhub, who collaborated with us on this production, steals the stage, and we aren’t afforded a mention. While this is disappointing, it’s not surprising. We may be the brand of record where VR porn is concerned, but PornHub is the brand of record for all things porn.


Huff Post Covers BaDoinkVR’s Donald Trump VR Porn Parody

Ryan Barrell penned this post for Huffington Post. PornHub is mentioned first, but BaDoinkVR is indeed acknowledged.

Donald Trump impersonator, along with porn star playing Melania Trump and extra as secret service in the Donald Trump VR Sex Tap Parody Press Conference

It’s clear that the writer watched the video, mentioning that the final, fitting insult to Donald was the fact that the two female performers starring as Sarah Palin and Melania Trump were resigned to satisfying one another, since Trump–or more specifically the porn star playing Trump–was incapable of rising to the occasion.

Barrell also mentioned an all-male porn parody, produced by our friends at Naked Sword.

Complex Watches our Trump VR Porn Parody

Trace William Cowen posted this spirited article in Complex. He references Larry Flynt’s Hustler, and its release of The Donald in spring 2016.

Unlike most of the coverage, Cowen acknowledged the starlets in the Fuck Trump VR porn production: Subil Arch and Britney Amber.

Porn stars playing Melania Trump and Sarah Palin hold campaign posters that read Make America Gape Again
Porn stars play Palin and Trump’s better half

Additionally, Trump’s conspicuously flaccid penis is mentioned. Short, concise and fun article that actually acknowledges BaDoinkVR’s involvement in the production.

Thanks Cowen!

The Donald Trump VR Porn Sex Tape (A Parody)

The 2D version of our Donald Trump sex tape. A little background: we produced a Virtual Reality Donald Trump sex tape parody, featuring Donald, his wife and Sarah Palin. Casting for Melania and Sarah was not so difficult–though we cycled through several porn stars 24 hours before the shoot–which was not surprising. The difficulty casting the Donald Trump was, however, unexpected. Keep in mind that since it’s VR Porn from Donald’s POV, we didn’t need to cast someone who looked like Trump. We just needed a male porn star with a torso similar to Trump’s–pasty, pudgy.

Not so easy, it turned out. Every male porn star has washboard abs these days. So we found someone last minute with an appropriate physique. Unfortunately, he was unable to maintain an erection during the shoot. On the one hand, this was disappointing, as that meant that Melania Trump and Sarah Palin had to pretty much do everything. On the other hand, it seemed appropriate, the fact that the candidate could not get it up. Anyway, we also flew in a proper Donald Trump impersonator from Florida to provide overdubs for the VR scene, and to star in this parody of a press conference in which he reveals that a VR sex tape was leaked, that he’s going to sue everyone, and that the video is hyuuuuge.

Here’s the YouTube version.

And here’s the original script for the press conference. Warning: It changed pretty dramatically on the day of shooting:


Podium with Trump regalia. Behind the podium, a US flag and a California flag. Behind the flag, a curtain suggesting that there is a stage behind the curtain. An expressionless SECRET SERVICE AGENT in sunglasses stands to the right of the podium. A microphone on the podium sits silently. A Gear VR headset brandished with BaDoinkVR logo is somewhere in arm’s reach of the podium, but out of sight.

Dressing the podium, signage that reads “TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GAPE AGAIN”. In the foreground, the backs of heads of SUPPORTERS. They clap, cheer, mutter and wave TRUMP CAMPAIGN POSTERS.

Subil Arch stars as Melania Trump in BaDoinkVR's Donald Trump VR porn Sex Tape parody
Subil Arch starring as Melania Trump!

After we establish, O/S an EMCEE is heard.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next president of the United States…Donald J. Trump!

DONALD TRUMP, followed by MELANIA TRUMP, enters from stage left.

VFX: Flash bulbs

The supporters grow more impassioned, getting a little louder, waving their signs with more enthusiasm. Trump stands behind the podium, nodding, smiling, waving at the crowd. Melania stands to his left, facing the crowd, smiling.

Unbelievable. Wow. I love you. I love, Los Angeles. Love Love Love. Thank you very much. What an honor.

Trump jovially motions for the crowd to relax, settle down. They obey. The cheering dies down.

Thank you! We set this up a couple hours ago. And it’s great. It’s great. This is incredible. And you know there are thousands of people out here…we’ve got to get a bigger tent! This is my beautiful wife Melania—You all know my beautiful wife. She’s beautiful, isn’t she. Just look at her. Turn so they can see your beautiful boobies, Melania. Beautiful boobies. Have you seen her big beautiful boobs?

Melania turns to face her husband so she, and her bust, is in profile.

(gazing at Melania’s attributes) Will you look at that. I mean, come on. Very nice, sweetheart.(turns back to crowd) Best $10,000 I ever spent. It’s true. And you’re going to see more of them. A lot more. From my time in Hollywood, I know that’s called a teaser, isn’t it. It is. I spent a lot of time in Hollywood. A lot of friends out here. Great people. This isn’t going to come as a shock to anyone, but Melania and I have a lot of fun in the bedroom. Don’t we, sweetheart? We do. And if you don’t believe that, you will soon. You will. Because I was informed a couple of hours ago that a teeny tiny sex tape was leaked on Porbhub.

The crowd gasps.

Edyn Blair Plays Sarah Palin in BaDoinkVR's VR porn Donald Trump Sex Tape Parody
Edyn Blair stars as Sarah Palin

And that brings me to why I am here today. I don’t know how the people at Pornhub got this tape, but it was illegally obtained, and I plan to sue the pants off them.  Literally.  They will have to pay me so much money, that they won’t be able to afford pants anymore. That’s right.  Nobody violates Donald Trump and gets away with it. So Pornhub – I’m coming for you, literally. But don’t get me wrong – I’m not embarrassed.  The tape, it’s great. No, it is. It’s great. Really. We used the greatest, most sophisticated technology available – virtual reality. You’re going to be amazed. Trust me. And the best part is – I’m in it. Of course I’m in it. Melania, my wife, is on the tape. And a good friend of ours from Alaska, she’s on the tape, too. And this tape being out there, it is a shock, sure. But it’s an opportunity also. Now the American people will know there definitely isn’t a problem down there. Little Marco, if you’re watching this, go to bed. The adults are talking.

Trump pauses as the crowd laughs.

And you’re going to love it, trust me. You will. Especially if you’re an evangelical. I love you, Evangelicals. Believe me. I love you. This is the greatest sex tape in the world. And it’s very advanced. Very smart. It’s virtual reality. So you need a pair of goggles. Like this.

Trump picks up a Gear VR headset brandished with BADOINKVR logo and presses them to his head. 

Don’t I look handsome in these? And presidential? Melania? How handsome am I?

Trump removes the goggles from his eyes, and the crowd applauds as he places them back on the podium.

Parody of a press conference featuring Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Melania Trump and a security guard
Donald Trump impersonator reveals leak to press!

Great. Really, really great. But I am going to sue Pornhub for all the money they have. And I’m going to sue BaDoinkVR. And I’m going to sue Kink.com while I’m at it. And I’ll win. I’ll win all the lawsuits. Trust me. I always win. I do. And one more thing: We’re still going to build that wall, and it’s going to be a great one. So when you watch this tape, and you will. You’ll love it. It’s great. When you watch the tape you may see somebody crawling across a southern border or two, but that border is not Mexico. If you know what I mean. And I know you do. When the media calls me sexist I have to laugh. I employ so many women. And they’re great. This tape proves something I’ve been saying all along: I won the battle of the sexes in a great big landslide.

Trump pauses as the crowd applauds.

Thank you. Thank you. We’re going to make America gape again in November. Thank you. Thank you, everybody.

The crowd cheers, claps, waves their campaign posters. Donald exits stage left, pinching Melania’s ass as he passes her. She follows him out of frame. As the Secret Service man passes the podium to exit stage left, we FADE.