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On VR Sickness & Horses

I recently read, and posted about an article that appeared in CNBC. The writer, while impressed by VR, lamented the fact that he found himself suffering from acute VR sickness. This issue must continue to be addressed, and I think it will continue to be addressed. Higher frame rates and more advanced HMDs are coming. Producers are learning more and more about the production of VR content. And, quite simply, there is too much investment, too much money at stake, for this issue to be ignored.

Julia Delucia sporting google cardboard on the set of a BaDoinkVR VR porn shoot
Shooting VR porn takes time and talent

It reminded me of an experience at SXSW a year ago. After a VR porn panel that featured our content manager Dinorah Hernandez, I was approached by a student, visiting from Germany. An evangelist, he had already conducted several virtual reality experiments, and, sporting a Gear VR rig of his own, asked me to watch the VR program he had shot.

The first segment of the program was filmed in a vast underground, probably an abandoned factory basement. The POV explored the space while I, In reality, stood in the middle of a conference hall beside a bank of HMDs we were using for a demo.

Queasiness seeped in quickly, a curious sensation because I am not all that sensitive to VR sickness; it was a new experience. This video was giving me more than I could handle, and I nearly threw in the towel. Luck was on my side. About 30 seconds later, the scene changed abruptly. I was still in motion, but now I was outdoors, riding a horse.

The nausea fell away rapidly.  Spock would call this Curious, and I was reminded of two or three times I had experienced the VR rollercoaster demo. Here I was, on a horse in the virtual space, with the motion even less fluid than it had been in the basement. Yet, I felt fine. So, replacing the Gear VR with my persistently fallible pop-psych hat, I determined that, from a psychological perspective, I was able to suspend disbelief more easily. A  horse is an independent conveyance. I don’t expect to control my movement through space.

As such, I was perfectly fine, and I reckon, by the same token, this is why a ride on a rollercoaster in a virtual reality is less nauseating than a leisurely walk through the virtual park.

VR Sickness: Anecdotal Concerns are Valid Concerns

This article appeared in CNBC today, written by Matt Clinch. Now VR tech wonks would undermine his observation because it’s one man’s opinion (never mind that that one man acknowledged the fact that this evidence is anecdotal). They would look at this article in a myopic manner, site a lack of data, seek to diminish its validity. That’s the wrong approach.

It’s impossible to argue that VR today is anything but embryonic, that however great the excitement, that most of this excitement comes from the signals we’re seeing, signals of what is to come. That is, again, why VR porn is the torchbearer of this new revolution. Even if the overwhelming majority of content is relegated to the category of demo, VR porn delivers.

But I digress. Nothing new there.

An employee here at BaDoinkVR noted a great sensitivity to VR sickness. It was particularly troubling since he’s a QA engineer. What he found though was that, over time, he adjusted, and grew more comfortable. It took a couple of months, but at this point he rarely, if ever, experiences it watching VR porn.

VR Porn QA for German magazine FitForFun.de

Most of the VR movies you are offering are 180° movies. By when do you think you will have a higher amount of 360 ° movies? 

That’s difficult to say for a couple of reasons. We are shooting 180° 3D stereoscopic videos because the consumer is not requesting 360° versions. Our member base is very vocal. We know this because we maintain a feedback forum for members behind the paywall. The 360° 3D stereoscopic videos we shoot are great for trade shows; they convey the WOW factor, but the fact is, from a practical standpoint, most users are lying prostrate when watching our videos, so seeing what’s going on behind them is not so interesting. Further, 360° 3D stereoscopic videos are more expensive to produce, and because of limitations in camera and stitching technology, the quality is never as good as you want it to be, never as good as what’s possible at 180°.

Anissa Kate wearing pair of google cardboard for BaDoinkVR shoot

We can’t use a camera like the Nokio Ozo—as one example—because the frame-rate on a camera like that is only 30fps. That’s fine if you’re shooting landscapes, but if the subject matter is a few inches away from you, and indulging in speedy gyrations, it’s insufficient, and bouts of VR sickness would be pervasive.  

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VR Porn Interview Questions from Men’s Health

When did BaDoinkVR realise that there was a need to educate one on sex education in the bedroom? Why did BaDoinkVR decide to use virtual reality to help improve ones ability in the bedroom?

In a general sense, and speaking specifically to the US audience, where sex ed is non-existent, the realization was always there. Where it is taught in the schools, it’s not taught with much rigor. And at home, it’s one of the most uncomfortable subjects for parents to cover with their kids. Simultaneously, you realize—and there’s no shortage of punditry on the subject—that too many adults are getting their sexual ‘education’ by watching porn. That’s a problem, of course. Pornography is not educational, and pornographers are not educators. It is entertainment, and we are entertainers. That said, the idea of using VR to help adults improve their sex lives came to me well over a year ago. I was attending a VR/AR MeetUp here in Barcelona. Among the startups in attendance was a company offering an exposure therapy program for sufferers of acrophobia. You donned a pair of VR goggles and were instantly transported to a freight elevator, outside a skyscraper a mile high. The experience was convincingly real. So, that got me thinking about what we could do. There are no shortage of sexual hang-ups out there. We thought, with the right guidance—we hired a proper sex therapist to help with the script and direction—we could produce a program to help people become better, more attentive lovers.

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Interview with Vangardist (unedited)

Published in Vangardist April 25, 2016

Why could VR revolutionize the porn industry?

VR will revolutionize the porn industry for a few reasons. First off, and most importantly, it is truly ‘next level’ where the consumer experience is concerned. The difference between 2D, or even 3D porn, and virtual reality porn is unambiguous. The experience is intense, and once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back.

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