How did the idea of Virtual Sexology come about?

I attended a VR MeetUp in Barcelona about a year ago. A startup was in attendance demonstrating its new solution, an exposure therapy program meant to help people overcome their fear of heights. As a result, I began thinking about VR’s applications for addressing other phobias, specifically sexual hangups.

Julia DeLucia on the terrace of high-rise wearing VR goggles

Virtual Sexology: Sex Positive and Life Changing

What problems can Virtual Sexology help with?

Our initial video is divided into eight segments, highlighting techniques like Kegel and breathing exercises, exploring different sexual positions, encouraging increased communication, the possibilities are unlimited. Virtual Sexology can be used to address myriad issues, including fear of intimacy, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of desire, loss of arousal.

Will there be women’s version? 

We wanted to the first video to appeal to both men and women, contain techniques useful for making everyone a better, more attentive lover. However, the POV in the program is male. In the future, we would definitely be offering experiences from a female POV as well. As well, future programs would seek to address specific sexual problems.

How Kiiroo Onyx sex toy work? 

It integrates with the virtual reality program, providing a tactile response. When the Onyx is in use, the physical actions on the screen synchronize with the haptic feedback provided by the Onyx device.

Today we need more sex education?  

We certainly do. In the United States sex education is not of a priority in the schools. And because there is so much shame surrounding sex, it’s not talked about in the home. As a result, men and women enter adulthood getting most of their sexual ‘learning’ by watching porn. Porn is not education. Porn is entertainment. So with Virtual Sexology we’re trying to bridge that gap between education and entertainment.