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Pay for VR Content? That isn’t VR Porn? Wevr say, “Yes!”

Encouraging article in Variety today, courtesy of writer Janko Roettgers. Wevr, a virtual reality company that produces and aggregates movies and games, has begun charging for its high end cinematic VR content. The subscription term is yearly, and the price is very very affordable.

Screen capture from Jon Favreau's VR production Gnomes & Goblins
Jon Favreau’s Gnomes & Goblins

This is good news. At some point, companies outside VR porn must begin generating revenue. It’s only fair. Look at some of the work being produced out there. Even if you’re not familiar with the process of VR production, it’s obvious that a ton of time, and thereby money, was consumed seeing many of these projects through to completion.

I hope this  means a company like Wevr is more likely to survive these lean, early times, and that it foreshadows positive for 2017. Until the advertising dollars begin rolling in, stories like this are the ones we should rally around. It offsets bummers, like VRideo’s recent collapse.