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BaDoinkVR launched in July 2015 as one of the first subscription-based VR porn sites in the world. In that time, it has built a great name for itself, and one could argue that it is the Cadillac brand of VR porn (I’m dating myself with that reference, and as someone who doesn’t own a car, I don’t even know if “BaDoinkVR is the Escalade brand” would come across equally antiquated).

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Why is BaDoinkVR the #1 VR Porn Brand?

The positioning is the result of a few things dovetailing nicely. First, they’ve been darlings of the press and media since launch. Second, the quality of their content is second to none. Third, they also developed and provide the software needed to watch VR porn.

This is true whether the consumer is using a smartphone, or Gear VR, or Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive, or, more recently, PlayStation VR, or, even more recently, Google Daydream. They were also the first to give away free Google Cardboard with every subscription.

How much VR porn content is there?

Today BaDoinkVR offers nearly 100 VR porn videos to subscribers, and in spite of the fact that they are frequently hammered for it by subscribers, they are constantly attempting to try new things, be creative and explore the realms of what’s possible with VR porn in this very nascent stage of virtual reality development.

They were the first to offer a female POV video. The first to venture into the realm of CosPlay. And they created a whole new genre with Virtual Sexology, an edutainment program that seeks to help people become better, more attentive lovers through exposure therapy. They even tried erotic storytelling, and hired a proper female actress to bring the words on the page to life.

Popular starlets from the US and Europe abound in VR porn site BaDoinkVR. August Ames, Zoe Doll, Riley Reed and Nikki Delano are just a few of the names gracing BaDoinkVR’s video library.

Thanks to much improved navigation, BaDoinkVR offers perhaps the best UX in the biz. The experience on both mobile and desktop are slick and user-friendly.

Because theirs was amongst the first sites to hit the market, you can go back to the beginning, to the first scene starring Timea Bella in June 2015, and note the evolution and continuity in production techniques. This is due in no small part to content manager Dinorah, who has been at the helm since the beginning.

Every VR porn video in the BaDoinkVR library affords multiple encodes. For weak mobile phones, there are 30fps versions of every scene. And at the other end, giant files in 60fps for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

You are not going to find as many famous porn stars as one would on VR sites like Naughty American and WankzVR; they offer an even balance of fresh European talent and US stars.

All in all, BaDoinkVR offers the biggest bang for your buck. Video is high-quality, scaling issues are minimal, everything is shot at a minimum of 60fps, and all videos are available for download and streaming.

They’re the biggest kid on the block, and they know it. And you’ll be glad they’re committed to staying king of the mountain.

BaDoinkVR Q&A

What’s the deal with the Free VR Goggles?

BaDoinkVR has been offering free Google Cardboard with subscription since the site launched in summer 2015. Simply join BaDoinkVR, and they will mail you a pair of goggles discreetly at no cost to you.

What does Virtual Sexology have to do with BaDoinkVR?

Virtual Sexology is the brainchild of the BaDoinkVR team. More than mere VR porn, it is special exposure therapy programming, developed with the help of a certified sex therapist, with the goal of making men and women around the world better, more attentive lovers. Do you want to know more? It is discussed further here in this blog, as well as here, in Rolling Stone.

Which devices does BaDoinkVR support?

BaDoinkVR supports all HMDs. Every smartphone-driven device is compatible, for example Gear VR, Daydream View, Google Cardboard, and beyond. They also include free Google Cardboard with enrollment in the site. Additionally, BaDoinkVR’s VR porn content is compatible with every high-end device. This includes HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR.

What is scaling, and does BaDoinkVR have it?

Scaling is an issue that every VR porn studio wrestles with. If the blocking isn’t correct, if the aspect ratio isn’t spot on, scaling occurs. A performer’s head, or any body part really, appears out of proportion–often too big. BaDoinkVR has worked tirelessly to kill the scaling menace, and at this point, they’re without peer in this regard. No other studio has done a better, more consistent job of scaling the scaling hurdle.