Published December 16, 2015, in this article Breena Kerr starts off with a history of virtual reality, explaining why it’s taking off now. The reason: the dream has been there for decades, but the tech is finally here. After touching on the excitement it presents to the entertainment industry in general, acknowledging that no one can claim to be expert in the field, Kerr segues into VR Porn’s potential role as torchbearer for this new technology. Matt Slusarenko of is quoted, reminding us that porn plays an important part in the development of new technologies.

As Kerr digs deeper into VR porn, she quotes me, where I explain the benefits of VR porn to the consumer at large, that it provides a most intense and palpable visual experience, that is the closest one can get to living out the fantasy of being in the room with a porn star.

She also mentions our Man on the Street video, shot in San Francisco, where we introduced locals to BaDoinkVR and VR porn.